The company OÜ FerCon reg.nr.14589775

Offers manufacturing and installation of steel construction for production, warehouses, office and public buildings.

Our main products are steel constructions. That includes trussframes, other sustaining construction and steel parts for concrete casting. Biggest details we can handle can be up to 24 meters and 5 tons. Estimated produtcion capacity about 100 tons in a month.

In our machine park there are different cuting machines. For bars the max diameter is 400mm. On sheet metal processing we manage plasma and gas cutting as well. Also there are different drilling, milling machines, lathes and of course welding machines. All materials will be cleaned per requirement with shotblasting. For surface coverage the choise can be hot-dip galvanizing or different paints(including fire protection). In our production we follow on ISO 3834 (Quality requirements for fusion welding) and EN 1090 (Execution of steel structures) on first quarter of 2014. Our welders are certified by EN 287.